Taiwan Wins 10 iF Communication

Taiwan Wins 10 iF Communication Design Awards in 2011

The jury of the iF Communication Design Awards 2011 bestowed 231 designs, including 10 from Taiwan, with the iF outstanding design label, with the top 30 honored with the iF gold award, none of which went to designers from Taiwan, according to the Taiwan branch of the Germany-based iF International Forum Design.

A total of 861 submits from 27 nations were received this year, which were categorized among digital media, product interfaces, print media, cross-media and corporate architecture and evaluated according to various criteria, including animation, atmosphere, interface and screen design, usability, innovation, creativity and design quality, target audience specific communication and content, typography, uniqueness, corporate design, choice of material and finish, customer relevance, architecture, spatial concept and environmental impact.

Project Name: Wild Aspirations | Book (227-69429)
Category: 03.6 Publishing
Designer: Pao-Chin Huang, Ushow Design
Client / Manufacturer: Chou Ching-Hui Studio, Taiwan

The book's design revolves around photography of children in the Yellow Sheep River Project in China, where the children's drawings of their visions of the future were copied onto earthen village walls. The heavy stock paper of the book cover and coarse paper inside the volume echo the dusty rural environment. Prints that flow page to page create continuity and associations with winding walls in the second part. A concertina book with two-sided gate fold paper presents the children's drawings alongside the paintings on the wall in the fifth part. Hand detailing and five-color letterpress printing evoke premium quality.